Where Has Our Flag Gone?


We in the veteran service community are blessed to have veterans and others dedicated to reaching out to their buddies who need help. A valued member of our team is my buddy Chuck Ashman.  I wanted to share with you his thoughts this Veterans Day. There is no better way to celebrate this holiday than to salute those who so richly deserve our help. Please consider for Veterans day and every day helping the most deserved Americans who have been in harm’s way.

Shad Meshad

I In May of 1776, Betsy Ross finished making our first official American Flag. In the years since, the Red, White and Blue has become the icon of democracy, our strength as a nation and our unity as a people.

Betsy would have been proud if she canvassed neighborhoods all over the country in September of 2001. Cars, homes, storefronts and flagpoles had their flags on high telling those who would attack us, that we believe the great saying that to remain the land of the free we must be the home of the brave.

Technically, Memorial Day is when we officially pause to honor the memory of those lost in battle. Veterans Day is set aside, originally celebrating the end of World War I, but now as a tribute to living veterans of all wars. But, none who have been in harm’s way and lost buddies can get through any Veterans Day without remembering.

Our history has given us many to remember. 25,000 of George Washington’s revolutionary army gave their lives in battle.  In World War II, 400,000 made the ultimate sacrifice. So it has been in every little skirmish or major battle with even thousands more gone after their fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I miss seeing those flags that were everywhere after the terrorist attack on 9/11. I find myself often humming George M. Cohan’s “My heart beats true for the Red, White and Blue!” There are nearly 20 million of us who were in harm’s way in the uniform of our country still around.  The statisticians estimate another 30 million in close relatives – that’s 50,000,000 Americans.

I invite all 50,000,000 and all who support their sacrifices, those with the wounds of war and those remembering heroes gone, to resurrect our Flag this 2016 Veterans Day.

On the door, on the lawn, on the pole or on the car, let us all give thanks for what we have and remind the world we intend to hold fast. Let the song of the day, be Lee Greenwood’s “An American Soldier”:

And I’m proud to be an American

Where at least I know I’m free

And I won’t forget the men who died

Who Gave that Right to me!

God bless you and God Bless the United States of America.

–Chuck Ashman

If you know a veteran who needs help, here’s our Lifeline for Vets number:  888.777.4443

You can be a part of our mission to help Veterans by making a tax-deductible donation!

About the Author

Shad Meshad

As a U.S. Army Medical Service Officer in Vietnam in 1970, Shad Meshad began pioneering treatment techniques for what would later become known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He is the founder of the National Veterans Foundation and founder and co-author of the VA’s Vet Center Program.


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