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december 7 support veterans 2023

December 7: A Day to Support and Remember Veterans

By Shad Meshad / December 6, 2023

In the buildup to the holidays at the end of the year, this day, December 7, stands out. As much…

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Grant Maloy Smith

Grant Maloy Smith to Donate Proceeds from Cover Song

By National Veterans Foundation / February 22, 2022

Grant Maloy Smith, Billboard singer, songwriter, and supporter of the National Veterans Foundation, recently received a fan pitch requesting he…

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Vanessa Guillen Act

The Historic I Am Vanessa Guillén Act

By Shad Meshad / February 3, 2022

For over five years, I’ve been writing about MST, military sexual trauma, initially as experienced by women Veterans. I had…

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Writers Guild Foundation: Veterans Writing Project

By National Veterans Foundation / January 25, 2022

The Writers Guild Foundation will be opening the application window for the 2022-23 cycle of the Veterans Writing Project on January 25, 2022.…

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healing veterans

Starting the New Year

By Shad Meshad / January 7, 2022

It’s January again, after Janus, the Roman god depicted looking both forwards and back, seen often over doorways. On the…

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Airstream Renewable

Airstreams Renewables Helping Veterans have Fulfilling Careers

By National Veterans Foundation / September 10, 2021

Airstreams Renewables, Inc. is a vocational training solutions provider committed to delivering compliance, education, certificates, and industrial training to the energy…

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Afghan War Veterans Feel the Impact of US Military’s Withdrawal

By National Veterans Foundation / September 2, 2021

The United States military’s long tenure in Afghanistan has finally come to an end. The mission may be over, but…

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about nvf

The More Things Change…the More They Stay the Same

By Shad Meshad / September 1, 2021

Not a new phrase, and not the first time you’ve heard it, I’m sure.  If you’re a Vietnam Vet, this…

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