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The Worst Part of War should not be Coming Home!

The National Veterans Foundation has helped countless American heroes. Your generosity will make a difference to our Veterans.

THE MAD MAN tells the story of Veteran advocate and founder of the Vet Centers and The National Veterans Foundation, Shad Meshad.

Shad has been called THE MAD MAN because of the passion and drive he brings to the fight for his fellow Veterans’ rights, specifically veterans who are at risk of spiraling down into despair.

Shad’s been fighting for nearly 50 years to keep his peers from committing suicide. While the film explores Shad’s background and how he came to dedicate his life to service for Veterans, it is more a film about character and compassion, resolve and intent in an age when it seems there is little of either to be found.


He's mad...for a good reason. For over 50 years, he has been fighting for Veterans and he'll never give up.