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Looking Through the Wrong End of the Telescope

By Shad Meshad / March 25, 2022

You expect population growth and the impact that will have on traffic, services, employment opportunities and affordable housing. What we…

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Vanessa Guillen Act

The Historic I Am Vanessa Guillén Act

By Shad Meshad / February 3, 2022

For over five years, I’ve been writing about MST, military sexual trauma, initially as experienced by women Veterans. I had…

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Starting the New Year

By Shad Meshad / January 7, 2022

It’s January again, after Janus, the Roman god depicted looking both forwards and back, seen often over doorways. On the…

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Sharing Experiences from the Shadows of Military Life

By Shad Meshad / December 21, 2021
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James "Sneaky" White at his desk

NVF’s Nationwide Prison Outreach

By Shad Meshad / November 1, 2021

The award-winning San Quentin News, written and published by inmates in San Quentin, published an article about James “Sneaky” White’s release…

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The More Things Change…the More They Stay the Same

By Shad Meshad / September 1, 2021

Not a new phrase, and not the first time you’ve heard it, I’m sure.  If you’re a Vietnam Vet, this…

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End of an Era

By Shad Meshad / August 16, 2021

August 16, 2021 marks the end of two decades of our involvement in the war in Afghanistan—if it’s ever really…

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withdrawal from Afghanistan

The Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Gearing Up for the Welcome Home

By Shad Meshad / July 30, 2021

The withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan after twenty long years has reverberated throughout the Veteran community. Vietnam Vets in…

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