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Probably Not the Kind of Equality Women Had in Mind

By Shad Meshad / July 17, 2015

22 per day—the suicide rate for veterans—not just male veterans. Women veterans commit suicide at the same rate as their…

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Homeless Veteran

On the Move Again: a Failed Tactic

By Shad Meshad / July 13, 2015

You’d think that after forty years of working with the homeless in Los Angeles, many of them veterans, (4000 out…

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More Bang for the Buck: a More Effective Use of Funds to Reduce Homelessness

By Shad Meshad / June 8, 2015

You know how a metropolitan skyline is dominated by tall buildings, kind of like silos?  The homeless problem’s skyline looks…

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Vet-to-Vet: How We Know It Works

By Shad Meshad / October 28, 2014

As Veterans Day approaches, I wanted to highlight a couple of veterans’ successes by sharing stories that show the importance…

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