#MeToo Stories of Military Sexual Trauma

We here at the Women Veterans Outreach program hear stories from the women Vets we work with of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the military every day.

38% of women military personnel and veterans report Military Sexual Trauma that includes both harassment and assault, and 24% report being sexually assaulted by a fellow service person.  And those are only the cases that are reported.

In support of these women who have served their country, in support of all the women who have experienced sexual harassment and assault, and to raise awareness for the enormous problem of Military Sexual Trauma, the Women Veteran Outreach Team will be posting a series of #MeToo stories from the women Veterans they work with.

#MeToo is powerful hashtag women have been using to speak out on social media about experiences of sexual harassment and assault, and to de-stigmatize speaking out.

If you are a Veteran or an active duty servicemember and you have experienced sexual assault or harassment in the military, please join with us by tagging your #MeToo post with @helpforveterans on Twitter or @NationalVeteransFoundation.NVF on Facebook. If you’d like to share your story anonymously, please email us at womanvet@nvf.org.

#MeToo – Britney shared with the @NationalVeteransFoundation

I was a Staff NCO and I had a junior Marine (Lcpl) send me lewd emails regarding dating and meet up. I reported to his chain of command and they told me “In my days, we settled it the old fashion way, a rumble in the yard”. With that said, unless I was willing to physically fight him, nothing was going to change. And it didn’t… It got worse. The Lcpl spread rumors about me and I lost respect with my coworkers.

#MeToo – Aimie opened up to @NationalVeteransFoundation

During a drill weekend, our unit was in the field setting up our cots outside under the stars. I asked my Plt. Sgt where I needed to put my cot and change-over for the night. Since I was among the few women that serve in the unit, I assumed we would be together and have a segregated area to sleep and change. He told me I was a Marine and that I shouldn’t be treated any differently. So that night I changed my uniform inside my sleeping bag in front of my Marine brothers and slept in my cammies.

#MeToo – Kacie shared with @NationalVeteransFoundation

I was groped and assaulted in bootcamp then at duty station in Spain, I was stalked and almost kidnapped. MST wasn’t something back when i got out. I am sorry you had to go through what you have. Stay strong. Me too


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