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Afghan War Veterans Feel the Impact of US Military’s Withdrawal

By National Veterans Foundation / September 2, 2021

The United States military’s long tenure in Afghanistan has finally come to an end. The mission may be over, but…

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U.S. Army Celebrates 245 Years on June 14

By Shad Meshad / June 12, 2020

Third Cavalry on Parade at Camp Tampa, 1898 This Sunday, June 14th, marks a milestone: the U.S. Army celebrates 245…

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careers for veterans

Careers for Veterans that Use Military Skills

By National Veterans Foundation / January 30, 2017

When the transition from military to civilian life becomes a reality, careers for veterans are brought to the forefront. These…

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veteran reunions

The Top Questions Asked About Veteran Reunions

By National Veterans Foundation / April 22, 2016

Veteran reunions offer many benefits for those who have served in the military and sacrificed for their country. These events…

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about nvf

Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation Provides Special Ops Veterans Scholarships

By National Veterans Foundation / February 11, 2016

Special Ops Veterans Scholarships The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation’s focus is on providing Special Ops Veterans Scholarships to current and…

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young veterans

Young Veterans Struggle to Keep up in the Employment Marketplace

By National Veterans Foundation / January 15, 2016

With additional training and responsibility, the unemployment rate of young veterans should be lower than the rest of the population.…

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hiring military veterans

The Public Sector Needs More Emphasis on Hiring Military Veterans

By National Veterans Foundation / November 18, 2015

Hiring military veterans has never been easier – or more profitable – for companies, but unemployment among veterans remains a…

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vanishing veterans

Commentary: The naked emperor and the vanishing veteran

By Paula Caplan / November 11, 2015

Whispers — from the red carpet, at charitable foundations, in the corporate boardroom — tell a very different story than do prominent…

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