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James "Sneaky" White at his desk

NVF’s Nationwide Prison Outreach

By Shad Meshad / November 1, 2021

The award-winning San Quentin News, written and published by inmates in San Quentin, published an article about James “Sneaky” White’s release…

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James "Sneaky" White Home for Chistmas

It’s Time to Free Vietnam Veteran James “Sneaky” White

By National Veterans Foundation / March 27, 2018

National Veterans Foundation President & Founder Shad Meshad has been working for decades on a pardon case here in California,…

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Justice for Veterans

Justice for All Veterans

By Shad Meshad / September 11, 2017

Last month, CBS Sunday Morning ran a story by Lee Cowen about public defenders and their caseloads.  Cowen interviewed Rhonda…

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Home for Christmas

By Shad Meshad / December 16, 2016

Home for Christmas. Three simple words that hold both memory and promise for most of us. Jim White, War Hero,…

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assistance for veterans

Critical Areas Where More Assistance for Veterans is Needed

By National Veterans Foundation / July 13, 2016

While there are many organizations that offer assistance for veterans there are some critical areas that are not adequately addressed…

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A New Kind of Outreach: NVF Founder at Ironwood State Prison

By National Veterans Foundation / May 24, 2016

Late in April, Shad Meshad returned to Ironwood State Prison at the request of James “Sneaky” White, a decorated Marine…

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A Veteran Services Office in Soledad Prison: Why Not Throughout the System?

By Shad Meshad / April 14, 2016

Sneaky White—decorated combat Vietnam Vet, veteran advocate and fundraiser from inside California’s Ironwood Prison—sent me an article about two inmates…

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Pre-PTSD: How Some Vets Became “Forgotten”

By Shad Meshad / January 6, 2016

My career working with vets started when I got home from Vietnam in 197­1.  Initially I was hired to find…

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