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The NVF Homeless Veteran Outreach Team in Action

By National Veterans Foundation / February 2, 2016

The National Veterans Foundation’s Homeless Veteran Outreach Team provides food and water to homeless vets throughout Los Angeles twice a…

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Helping Homeless veterans

Helping Homeless Veterans by Giving Back to Those Who Sacrificed

By National Veterans Foundation / December 22, 2015

American veterans have sacrificed and risked everything to protect the country and the citizens of the United States. They have…

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end homelessness

Homelessness: Plenty of Talk, Not Enough Commitment

By Shad Meshad / December 1, 2015

by Shad Meshad As someone who has spent 44 years on the streets of Los Angeles working to help homeless…

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Veteran Housing

Taking a Look at the Veteran Housing Issue

By National Veterans Foundation / September 21, 2015

“We’re not going to rest until every Veteran who has fought for America has a home in America.” — President…

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The Ugly Face of Veteran Poverty in the United States

By National Veterans Foundation / September 10, 2015

Veteran poverty should be unimaginable, but sadly, it is an unpleasant fact today for some veterans. Every veteran understands the…

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Homeless Women Veterans

Homeless Women Veterans: It’s Worse than you Think

By National Veterans Foundation / July 23, 2015

There is no doubt that homelessness remains a problem in the United States. The homeless rates of veterans remain high,…

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Homeless Veteran

On the Move Again: a Failed Tactic

By Shad Meshad / July 13, 2015

You’d think that after forty years of working with the homeless in Los Angeles, many of them veterans, (4000 out…

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More Bang for the Buck: a More Effective Use of Funds to Reduce Homelessness

By Shad Meshad / June 8, 2015

You know how a metropolitan skyline is dominated by tall buildings, kind of like silos?  The homeless problem’s skyline looks…

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