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The provides a unique and much-needed service for Veterans:

  • We are non-governmental.
  • We provide a proven Vet-to-Vet service model.
  • We give real solutions for problems Veterans face.

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Dave Culmer

The NVF celebrates one of our own: Dave Culmer, a Montford Point Marine., and NVF Board of Directors member of long standing. Montford Point Camp, now called Camp Johnson, is located at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Approximately twenty thousand Marines were trained at Montford Point between 1942 – 1949. All of them were African American men.

Culmer, who enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1949, was a member of the last Platoon to attend basic training at Montford Point. Montford Point Marines served with honor in the Pacific in three of the bloodiest battles: Iwo Jima, Saipan and Okinawa. Many went on to serve in Korea and Vietnam. About “Semper Fi…” This Marine gets it! He’s made his share of Black History. Congratulations, Dave, and thanks from a grateful nation.

A Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Culmer has continued to serve as an outstanding Veteran Services Officer for many years.




The Worst Part of War should not be Coming Home!



He's mad...for a good reason. For over 50 years, he has been fighting for Veterans and he'll never give up.

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Every day at the National Veterans Foundation we get calls from Veterans and their families needing help finding the right resources for their situation. We've helped hundreds of thousands find the help they need.


22 U.S. Veterans are committing suicide every day. And that’s just the official number. We believe the number is 24-25 Veterans a day. That's more than 9,000 former service members each year lost to suicide.

The National Veterans Foundation is dedicated to eliminating Veteran suicides through vet-to-vet crisis counseling and other assistance to successfully reintegrate back to civilian life.


The NVF and the Lifeline for Vets™ – 888-777-4443 – have helped countless American heroes — person-to-person, Veteran-to-Veteran. That’s vital at a time when suicides among America’s Veterans have reached the rate of 22 a day.


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The National Veterans Foundation’s Homeless Veteran Outreach Program provides outreach missions to areas of Los Angeles with a high concentration of homeless people.

The missions provide food and water to people in need.  The team identifies homeless Veterans and works to get them into programs that will get them off the streets.

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