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minority women veterans

Minority Women Veterans Are Our Most Invisible Heroes

By National Veterans Foundation / May 19, 2017

Our brave minority women veterans are often forced to navigate a discouraging obstacle course when they transition back into civilian…

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female veterans

Transitioning from Military to Civilian: The Unique Challenges of Female Veterans

By National Veterans Foundation / January 24, 2017

All veterans returning home from long periods in service face a range of difficult challenges. From narrowing opportunities to trouble…

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Women Veterans and Suicide

By National Veterans Foundation / November 11, 2015

Female veterans die by suicide at nearly six times the rate as women with no military service record. Triggers for suicide include the high incidence…

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Famous Women Veterans

Famous Women Veterans Every American Should Know

By National Veterans Foundation / November 1, 2015

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, as of September 2015, the number of women veterans is 2,035,213. While men…

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NVF Women Veteran Outreach Coordinator Featured in LA Magazine

By National Veterans Foundation / August 28, 2015

Kristine Hess, the National Veterans Foundation’s Women Veteran Outreach Coordinator was interviewed in Los Angeles Magazine, along with Susie Carder…

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