Welcome Friends of Zenti

Happy Veterans Day!


Welcome friends and family of Steven Cracknell, Kieran Prior and the Team at Zenti!


Please make sure to click on the "Make Your Donation in Honor of Someone" link on the donation form and enter "Zenti" with your donation.

The National Veterans Foundation and Zenti have teamed up to identify at-risk Veterans on social media, so we can reach out to them well before they need to make a suicide call to our Lifeline for Vets.  This important program will help save Veteran lives.

Many of the NVF's Lifeline for Vets supporters have stepped up this November in honor of Veterans Day and made a donation in support of our Veteran Suicide Prevention efforts.  But we are still short of our goal of $50,000 for the month.  

We can't let November close without meeting that goal.  Lives are at stake. In honor of Veterans Day, will you please make a donation to help stop the 20 Veteran suicides that are still happening every day in America?

The $50,000 we need to raise in November will fund the training and salaries for our Lifeline for Veteran's counselors.  Vets who help other vets with a host of challenges in their transition from military to civilian life.  These are Veteran counselors who have been there, who speak the language of the military, who know first hand the struggle of adjusting to life after the military. And after war.

These counselors help those men and women who served access the benefits they've earned.  They help them get jobs, healthcare, housing,  and education. And they bring them back from the edge when when they make that final call before ending their lives.

The NVF launched our new Veteran suicide prevention PSA "The Other Note".  The video is a powerful and emotional reminder of how a helping hand and an understanding ear can put a Veteran on the path away from suicide.

If you haven't seen it, you should.  Check it out now.

Then, help us meet our November goal and continue the important work of providing vet-to-vet counseling for Veterans who need it most.

Thank you for your support.  Please don't assume someone else will make the donation we need to reach our goal.  It's up to every one of our supporters to continue our important work.