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We rescue the mustang. The mustang rescues the Veteran.

An immersive reintegration training program using rescued wild mustangs to assist Veterans in their transition from military to civilian life.


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War Horse Creek is located on 155 acres in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California. The program works to wild mustangs and bring them together with veterans in an innovative approach called Collaborative Horsemanship.

Often compared to the popular equine therapy approach, Collaborative Horsemanship removes the “talk therapy” feel from the equation, allowing the veteran to connect with nature, with the mustangs and with other veterans like themselves. Veterans must work to earn the trust and collaboration of the mustang, rather than use force or intimidation. These skills can be translated into every relationship they have, improving decision-making and long-term outcomes.

They meet the Veterans on their own terms, in an environment among peers, that offers equine therapy, group therapies, group activities, life skills training, and education.

Addressing issues early and effectively, and identifying those men and women who are at the greatest risk (and often unaware they are even experiencing PTSD), the program will help to intercept the downward spiral before it gains traction.

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War Horse Creek, is a program by veterans, for veterans.

White Horse Creek is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization under the auspices of Living Free Animal Sanctuary.

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Soon to offer 3, 5 and 7-day sessions, veterans will make their way up the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains to participate in a program based around the “Collaborative Horsemanship” modality. This approach gives veterans the opportunity to master skills that often go dormant during their military tenure – empathy, patience, understanding, kindness and compassion. Once these skills are mastered with the mustangs, they will be ingrained as adaptive habits that can be transferred to family, friends and society.

In addition to Collaborative Horsemanship, veterans receive life skills training through one-on-one access to professionals from various fields around topics such as; financial literacy, interview and job retention skills, career consulting, conflict resolution, higher education and trade school guidance, and wellness and nutrition advice. Gaining these skills will help to improve outcomes for veterans and their families.

Veterans will also be able to enjoy the many recreational activities on the Living Free property, including hiking, fishing, kayaking, yoga and more. Living Free is home to a large cat and dog rescue, and veterans will have the opportunity to connect with the many rescue animals on property, in addition to helping with any ongoing maintenance and construction projects.

Most importantly, veterans will have plenty of down time to relax in the shade of our thousands of pine trees, or around a campfire under the stars, enjoying the company of other veterans like themselves.