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Researchers Find Biological Evidence of Gulf War Illnesses
Recent research is bolstering the view that the symptoms, known collectively as gulf war illness, are fundamentally biological in nature. In the latest example, researchers at Georgetown University say they have found neurological damage in gulf war veterans reporting symptoms of the disease.
An estimated 20 percent of Service members are affected by PTSD after a deployment, and eight percent of the total US population will be affected by PTSD in their lifetime.
While post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often associated with Service members and veterans, affecting an estimated 20 percent of Service members after a deployment, eight percent of the U.S. population at large will be affected by PTSD in their lifetime. The observance of June as PTSD Awareness Month helps highlight this issue of national importance.
Shad Meshad and Max Cleland
In 1986 when Shad Meshad finished his work with the Veterans Administration, I was sorry to hear the VA and the federal government were losing his services, a loss for the VA but a gain for veterans because Shad went on to found the National Veterans Foundation. Twenty-seven years later, the NVF still plays a critical role in providing information services to our veterans.
The director of the much-talked-about recent GOT Red Wedding Episode, David Nutter, also directed Cease Fire, a Vietnam era PTSD related movie starring Don Johnson. Shad served as a technical advisor on the film.

What does Game of Thrones have in common with National Veterans Foundation Founder Shad Meshad? The director of the much-talked-about recent GOT Red Wedding Episode, David Nutter, also directed Cease Fire, a Vietnam era PTSD related movie starring Don Johnson. Shad served as a technical advisor on the film. 

Watch this HuffPost Live interview with Shad and Nutter. The first half of the interview is Nutter talking about Game of Thrones. The discussion about Cease Fire and how the issue of combat trauma has changed since Vietnam with Shad starts at 19:59. 

NVF Information Specialist Kristine Hesse
The NVF officially welcomes the newest member of our team, Kristine Hesse, who comes to the NVF through The Mission Continues, a non-profit organization dedicated to challenging veterans to serve and inspire in communities across America. Kristine was chosen for a fellowship from the organization with a select group of about 70 other Post 9/11 veterans, each choosing a US non-profit through which to volunteer their service.
Summer Release for Guide to Defending Veterans Book
The book (print and electronic versions) guides defense attorneys through each step of the process -- from meeting and interviewing the veteran, gathering data, working with experts in medicine, psychology, psychiatry, social work, as well as the law, through to the sentencing phase of a trial.
Veteran News Roundup - October 28, 2013
Cherokee Nation awards patriotism medal to three veterans / Military women sweep top finishing spots at Marine Marathon / Army Ranger named USO Soldier of the Year / Dumping of military equipment at Tacoma landfill spurs inquiry / VA Appropriations Bill Moves Forward / AMVETS wants changes to VA funding, cites shutdown / Renovated hospital wing provides more than apartments for veterans / Iraq vet: Losing home ‘worse than getting blown up’
Veteran News Roundup - October 14, 2013
DC crowd pushes through barriers at WWII memorial / Veterans Protest Outside LR Memorial Hospital / Veterans groups move to end shutdown / Veterans groups to push to end government shutdown / Veterans feel shutdown's sting / Shutdown leaves VA missing at All the Way Home Conference / Maine PTSD sufferers qualify for medical marijuana / The reality of the VA emergency room / Taking aim at the VA: Missoula couple fighting diagnosis has hearing in D.C.
Veteran News Roundup - September 30, 2013
Woman challenges Indiana on female veteran issues / Heights honors veterans / Atlanta logs dramatic turnaround in homelessness / Antietam cemetery tours provide history lesson / Navy veteran remembers 1946-47 Antarctica operation / Iraqi translator becomes US citizen after years of risking her life during war / Veterans' deaths alter prescribing of pain pills / VA says veterans' benefits would stop in long shutdown
Veteran News Roundup - September 19, 2013
VA offers first account of interactions with gunman / Navy Yard gunman told police he was hearing voices / US general has doubts about probing mental health / Hagel calls for full review of all base security, clearance procedures / Former USS Mustin commander, NCIS agent arrested for bribery / Navy must do more to deter sex crimes, advocates say / VA seeking 1 million volunteers for gene research