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U.S. News Releases Best Colleges for Veterans Rankings
The new rankings include 10 separate categories: National Universities, National Liberal Arts Colleges, Regional Universities (North, South, Midwest and West) and Regional Colleges (North, South, Midwest and West). Among National Universities, Pennsylvania State University—University Park placed No. 1, followed by Tulane University in New Orleans and the University of Texas—Austin, which tied at No. 2.
Top 5 Things Women Veterans Need to Know
We women veterans are unfortunately considered an “invisible population.” We are the fastest growing population of homeless and our numbers are going to increase as the military draws down. Our service and transition struggles are recognized as being unique, but there is support coming.
An Epidemic of Veteran Suicides
We need to shift from intervention to prevention. That means addressing the problem in the combat zone, during out-processing, in the first few weeks of civilian life, during the first year. If necessary, and this is frequently the case, until the trauma heals. It might surprise you to learn that among those 22 per day are vets from Korea and WWII.

The Welcome Johnny and Jane Home Project is about human connections and the healing power of listening. The project helps veterans heal – and reduces the too-common chasms between veterans and nonveterans – by having one nonveteran at a time simply listen to a veteran from any era.

Some 1 million veterans and their dependents have enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities over the past four years, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. This influx of veterans has come with the drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and more generous financial incentives that generally cover a veteran's tuition, housing and books.
Lifeline for Vets Call Stories

CALIFORNIA - A Vietnam-era Army Veteran needed his prescriptions refilled but didn’t know who to contact. NVF Information Specialist Freddy Cordova showed him how to log onto the VA systme and use RX refill option. When Freddy learned the prescription was from 2004, he advised the Vet to see a doctor. Using the Veteran’s infomration, Freddy found a VA clinic close, saving themVet a long trip.

From PTSD to Prison: Why Some Veterans End up in Prison
Nearly one in 10 inmates have served in the military. Matthew Wolfe on how the system fails them—and the new prison dorms that could help them get back on track.
NVF Facebook Community:  What veterans issues are most important?
The National Veterans Foundation recently put the question to its Facebook 8,000 plus community members, “As a veteran or veteran supporter, what is the issue facing our vets that you're most concerned about?” Responses to our informal poll filled a range of issues and broke down as follows: 23% said mental health/PTSD, 15% medical care, 14% veteran homelessness, 11% employment, 9% disability claims & benefits, 9% integrated services, 8% suicide prevention, 6% general societal/government recognition & treatment, 3% home loans, 3% education/GI bill, 3% traumatic brain injury, and 2% veteran family support.
Will Shinseki's critics eat their words?
Some critics have even called for the resignation of VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki. While justified in their outrage, their demands for the Secretary’s job are wrongheaded and would only make matters worse. First, consider that many improvements have already been made. Knowing the backlog would rise, Shinseki had the leadership and moral courage to increase access for more veterans. His righteous decisions on presumptive conditions for Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD and other issues ensured more than a million new veterans would receive the care and benefits they earned.
Researchers Find Biological Evidence of Gulf War Illnesses
Recent research is bolstering the view that the symptoms, known collectively as gulf war illness, are fundamentally biological in nature. In the latest example, researchers at Georgetown University say they have found neurological damage in gulf war veterans reporting symptoms of the disease.