Shad Meshad, President & Founder of the National Veterans Foundation talks about the differences and ​similarities ​between the experiences of Vietnam​ Veterans​ and today's combat Veterans coming home.

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The man who jumped the fence at the White House, Omar J. Gonzalez, served three tours of duty in Iraq, according to his public defender.
Shad Meshad, president and founder of the National Veterans Foundation, thinks Obama should talk to Gonzalez. "He has an opportunity," Meshad said of Obama, "to sit down and show he has the you-know-what to listen to someone who was that disturbed and served his country," Meshad said. "Maybe there's something to learn." The man who jumped the fence at the White House, Omar J. Gonzalez, served three tours of duty in Iraq, according to his public defender.
"The Vietnam experience changed my life. I knew that if I survived Vietnam when I got back I owed it to...every combatant to bring these men and women back, and it's the greatest thing in my life."
Nov. 11, 2013: A Vietnam veteran holds an American flag as he marches during the annual Veterans Day Parade in San Diego, Calif.Reuters
The guidelines call on the independent boards that review petitions from veterans seeking upgrades to give “liberal consideration” to any symptoms of PTSD now or at the time of the veterans’ discharge, and “special consideration” to findings of PTSD by the Veterans Affairs Department. In a statement, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the guidelines were intended to create “fair and consistent results in these difficult cases.”
SVA Announces "Not Recommended" List of Schools for Veterans
Student Veterans of America (SVA) is announcing an initiative to raise awareness of schools facing issues that may present challenges for veterans, and will strongly urge student veterans to avoid these institutions. The decision to create this resource came after SVA received several complaints regarding student recruitment practices taking place in Southern California; Even after Corinthian Colleges announced their business closure, several schools affiliated with the company continued to actively recruit students, traveling to military bases to speak with active duty servicemembers.

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It was 1987, a little over ten years after the end of the Vietnam War, when Good Morning, Vietnam opened in theatres across America.  The actor playing Airman DJ Adrian Cronauer won a Golden Globe Award for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture”, an American Comedy Award for “Funniest Actor in a Motion Picture (Leading Role)”, and was nominated for a “Best Actor” Academy Award.  That actor was someone very special.

Figley thinks we should re-evaluate medical marijuana for use in treating trauma like PTSD, especially in the face of veterans being over-prescribed pharmaceuticals and psychotropic drugs, sometimes several at a time, and often very powerful ones, to treat the symptoms of PTSD. For the VA, a quick prescription can be an easy answer to the onslaught of returning veterans suffering from PTSD. It moves vets through the system, but at a high cost to their overall health and with a limited chance for real recovery, management and transition back into civilian life.

You probably knew him as Maverick or Rockford. He was an icon in film and television. At the National Veterans Foundation we knew him as a supporter who was there for veterans over and over. James Garner served as an honorary board member of the NVF for many years. In 1996 we honored him as our Veteran of the Year. But he wasn’t the kind of man to make a big deal of that. I doubt that there are even a handful of people out there who knew about his support for vets.