Soldier holding a baby with the phone number 888 777-4443 in foreground
Assorted young veterans with the phone number 888-777-4443 in the foreground

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Transitioning from military to civilian life, and from camaraderie to isolation
“What the hell am I supposed to do next?” he had asked his commanding officer when he was medically discharged from the Army, which had provided his income, his sense of purpose, his self-esteem and 15 of his closest friends in a platoon they called “The Brotherhood.”
Mike Yurchison and his girlfriend, Leigh Anna Landsberger, this month at the Elbow Room bar in Dallas. Credit Erin Trieb for The New York Times

THE only reason he is alive, says Mike Yurchison, is his girlfriend, Leigh Anna Landsberger. She sits with him through endless waits at Veterans Affairs, whispering that he’s smarter than she is even if his brain is damaged. She helps him through his seizures, and she nags him to overcome drug addiction.

Chase Massner went missing in Cobb County, Georgia on March 27, 2014. If you have any information please contact Dectective Twiggs at the Cobb County Sheriff's Department, 678 493-4200. A photo of Chase can be seen at the link.
‘Man’s Best Friend’ Takes On New Meaning With Pairing of Therapy Dogs and Veterans.
Phase One of this project is pairing Veterans up with a dog from Best Friends Animal Society or NKLA, if they don‘t have a rescued dog of their own. The dogs they are paired up with will be chosen by the Veterans, not the program, and they will become their therapy dog or service dog in training. The dogs are taught basic to advanced obedience skills, followed by animal assisted therapy or service dog in training techniques. Whatever the need of each Veteran with their dog will be provided free of charge.

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Not the usual profile you might think of, these caregivers of wounded warriors.  Most of them are young.  Many are parenting young children while holding down full-time jobs.

“I should have the same health care that the Senators and Congressman that sent me to war have.”

That’s what former Marine Lu Lobello said to me in an email after a harrowing experience with the VA…not filing the claim, nor proving the need, and not even the wait for benefits or medical treatment.  All that had been done.  This was something simpler.  He was moving to Las Vegas and needed his prescription mailed to the new address. One time.

In January of 2014, CNN reported that at least 19 veterans had died because of delays in diagnosis and treatment at VA hospitals.   In January of 2013 I posted a blog here about the VA’s backlog of claims and the fact that, according to The Bay Citizen, retroactive benefits had been paid to nearly 19,500 veterans who died waiting.