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Assorted young veterans with the phone number 888-777-4443 in the foreground

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LA Mayor Eric Garcetti pledges to end veteran homelessness in 2015
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti committed Wednesday to accept the Obama administration's challenge to end veteran homelessness in Los Angeles in the next 17 months, saying he will not accept that "veterans live in our city without a place of their own."
GI Bill Fact Sheet June 2014
In August 2009, the Post-9/11 GI Bill became effective for our current generation of Servicemembers and Veterans. The Post-9/11 GI Bill program provides the most generous VA educational benefit since the original GI Bill, giving Veterans and their family members an opportunity to accomplish life goals, whether in degree programs at more than 9,000 universities or in certificate or other training programs. The multitude of opportunities is described at
Audit: More than 120,000 veterans waiting or never got care
An internal Veterans Affairs audit released Monday said tens of thousands of newly returning veterans wait at least 90 days for medical care, while even more who signed up in the VA system over the past 10 years never got an immediate appointment they requested.
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Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has resigned, President Barack Obama said on Friday.

Embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki announced fixes to the crisis in the VA system on Friday, then met with President Barack Obama to learn if he would stay in his job.

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a duck walks into the VA…

Sometimes exaggerating to the point of absurdity is a way to draw attention to something. And sometimes a story needs no exaggeration at all.  It’s absurd all on its own.

Everybody’s in, right?  So what’s first class medical care?  Maybe Bill Gates’s plan?   The President’s? Donald Trump’s? One of those should work for sure.

If we all agree that our vets deserve that level of care, is the next step how to pay for it?  Let’s put that on hold for a minute and back up a step.

Making medical care more accessible is great, and the long-term goal of building new facilities and refurbishing old ones sounds great. But let’s address the real problem: the VA system as a whole, the staggering bureaucracy it’s become, and its culture of unaccountability. Just throwing money at the VA isn’t going to accomplish change. That’s been proven.